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Who is Nissan Made By?

Nissans are being manufactured by Nissan Motor Corporation and are a popular Japanese car manufacturer. Nissan produces and sells cars all over the world. And though they are one of the world’s largest manufacturers, some questions still remain. What does Nissan mean? What brands does Nissan own? Is Nissan a good car?

What does Nissan mean?

In 1933 a holding company known as Nihon Sangyo was founded. Within the asset of this holding company was Datsun, and what was to become Nissan. As the Nihon Sangyo company entered the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the stock abbreviation became known as “NiSan” which is the combination of the word Nihon and Sangyo.

In Japanese, the meaning of Nissan, or Nihon and Sangyo stands basically for “Japan Industry” or, Japanese Made.

Which Brands Does Nissan Own?

Nissan is not only part of one brand but holds majority ownership in several different automobile brands.

Apart from owning the Nissan brand itself, the Nissan Motor Corporation also owns the brands Datsun and Infiniti.

The Infiniti brand was introduced to compete in the premium vehicle segments in the United States and competed with other Japanese luxury brands such as Lexus and Acura.

Is Nissan a Good Car?

By taking the average reliability of 245 unique car models, Nissan’s reliability rating ranks 4.0/5.0 and thus falls rank 9th out of 32 different brands, which is to be considered good.

Typically, the average Nissan engine lasts for approximately 200,000 miles or about 10 years. Although the consistency of service intervals will certainly impact this number in both directions.

Yearly maintenance for a Nissan average out to about $500 per year. Across all Nissan models, cost averages out to $7,600 for a 10-year period which is about $760 per year. This makes them relatively cheap to own and maintain compared to some competition.

Nissan History Timeline

Year of Event
Japan’s first mass-produced vehicle, the Datsun Type 15.
The first Nissan Skyline was produced.
The first Datsun 1200 Sedan was introduced.
The first Datsun compact pickup was sold in America
The first Japanese-owned production facility in North America manufactures its first vehicle.
The Datsun 240Z was born.
Nissan entered the Championship Off-road Racing Trucks, and took home over 19 wins during the next decade.
Production exceeded over 40 million units.
Nissan’s first hybrid, the Altima Hybrid.
Nissan’s first mass-produced 100% electric automobile hit the markets, the Nissan Leaf.
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