September 25, 2023
Volk Racing TE37 Wheels

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There are only a few wheels in the world that manage to combine great looks, performance, and durability all in one, and the TE37s are one of them.

The TE37s are produced by Volk Racing, which in turn is a sub-brand to the holding company Rays Wheels.

Rays Wheels was founded in 1973 and quickly established itself as a reliable distributor and manufacturer of performance wheels. They were praised for their precision and attention to detail. And in 1996 Ray’s unveils their new wheel design which would transform the entire wheels industry for decades to come – the TE37.

What Does TE37 Stand for?

Believe it or not, TE37 is not just some random combination of letters and numbers like the name of some other wheels, but TE37 is actually an abbreviation.

TE stands for “Touring Evolution”.

The reason they were named that is that for a long time Volk Racing had both supported and worked together with various racing teams in order for them to develop their product. And so, the intention with the TE37 was for it to be primarily used for racing.

The number 37 in TE37 is a hint at the immensely lightweight design. The first TE37 came as 15-inch wheels and weighed just 3.7 kilograms per wheel!

Now, making a lightweight wheel is not quite so impressive in itself. But what makes the TE37 impressive is how they can combine light weight with extraordinary strong rigidity (more on that later).

The TE37’s Are All About Performance

Honda S2000 With TE37s

I think we all can agree that the TE37 looks fantastic! Yet, the looks are not why people purchase these wheels. The reason people purchase these wheels is for their game-changing performance.

By having a light wheel you’re reducing the unsprung weight. By doing so you reduce the weight not supported by the suspension which allows for improved handling and more precise steering inputs.

But the TE37s are not only lightweight, but they are also extremely durable and rigid. And that is mostly thanks to the TE37s being forged from a single piece of aluminum. By doing so it removes any potential weak points in the design allowing for a wheel that can take a few beatings while retaining its integrity.

The TE37’s 6-spoke design is specifically designed to minimize heat. One of the worst things that can happen on a racetrack is overheating your brakes. At that point, it’s goodbye to lap times and potentially the entire race itself.

Toyota MR2 with TE37s

The 6-spoke design is carefully developed by Volk Racings engineering team and helps minimize heat by adding ventilation whilst spreading the heat evenly throughout the area of the wheel. The design also just happens to be optimal for weight distribution which is key for a performance wheel.

The TE37 checks every box for what you would want in a performance racing wheel. And on top of being great for track use, the TE37 also serves as a phenomenal street wheel. Although some may deem them a little bit too expensive for their taste.

How Much Does the TE37 Cost?

The downside with the TE37 is that it’s quite pricey. But understandable so, you can’t expect world-class performance from a budget wheel.

The price varies a lot depending on what color, size, width, and offset you choose.

For example:

You can expect to pay around $650 per 15-inch wheel or around $2,600 for a set of four.

For the largest 20-inch wheel you can expect to pay around $1,375 per wheel or about $5,500 for a set of four.

Now, even though the TE37 is quite expensive you have to take into consideration that if you look after them, and keep them in good condition the resale value will still be significantly high. That means that you could purchase a brand-new pair, use them for a year or so, and resell them without losing barely any money at all. That can not be said for all-wheel brands, as some lose 30% of their value the minute you purchase them.

The TE37 Suits Almost Any Car

Mazda Miata with TE37

Another great thing which we’ve already touched upon is its great looks. But what makes it truly great is that the TE37 design looks great on almost any type of car.

Nissan Fairlady with TE37s

They look as good on a supercar like the R35 GT-R or Audi R8 as it does on a small hatchback such as the Mazdaspeed 3 or Toyota Corolla. I mean, people in the U.S. have even been seen fitting these to large trucks. And there is a saying going around that the TE37 looks good on anything, which I have to say I partly agree with.

Toyota Corolla with TE37s

The TE37 is one of the most desirable wheels on the market thanks to their low-weight design and rigidity which makes them perfect for track use thanks to their heat-distribution capabilities.

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