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These Are the 8 Best Wheels For the 370Z

There are a ton of different 370Z wheels out there, it can be hard to choose the correct one. So we’ve conducted a list of 8 of the best wheels available on the market right now.

Purchasing a new pair of wheels could not only completely transform the look of your car, but it is also a great modification in order to achieve better performance. Just a small weight reduction of the wheels will reduce the un-sprung weight of the car, thus, increasing handling and grip.

The great thing with the 370Z is that the design allows for a wide variety of different wheel designs, so whatever design you’re into you’ll likely find one that fits your taste.

8. Work vs XX

These beautiful premium 10-spoke wheels produced by WORK will surely give your 370Z the facelift it deserves. These wheels are structured with a three-piece design and are offered in a 5×100 configuration.

WORK is one of the most well-known wheel manufacturers and offers some of the market’s best quality and product design. The Work vs XX is designed to give your car an aggressive stance and is a very popular choice among stancers.

The downside is the price…the Work vs XX is not cheap, starting at around $1,000 a piece – however resale value is very high, so even if you find a pair of used ones you can expect to pay a similar price as a pair of brand-new ones.

7. Konig Hypergram

Konig produces some of the most high-quality wheels on the entire market, and the Konig Hypergram is no exception.

This unique 12-spoke design offers great rigidity and has been developed using Flow Forming Technology. By Flow forming, pressure is applied to the inner barrel all while the wheel is spinning. By doing so the aluminum gets stretched and compressed which results in a stronger and lighter wheel in comparison to a traditional cast method.

The Hypergram is the wheel of choice if you’re considering going on a track day with your 370Z. These were specifically designed to clear larger brakes. At just 17.84 lbs. these wheels will help you reduce your un-sprung weight which will help improve handling and lap times substantially.

The Hypergram’s will set you back anywhere between $175-$350.

6. Aodhan DS02

One of the most popular wheels for the 370Z, the Aodhan DS02 comes with a gorgeous deep-dish lip and offers a classy twin, five-spoke design.

The DS02 is available in various different types of finishes, anything from your standard chrome, white, grey, and black to something a bit braver such as black chrome or gold.

The great thing with the DS02 is that they are very light, weighing in at just 23.81 lbs. And perhaps best of all, is very budget-friendly at just around $200-$300 a wheel brand new. In comparison, the Enkei RPF1’s will set you back about twice as much.

5. Gram Lights 57CR

The 57CR’s are produced by the legendary Japanese wheelmaker, RAYS. RAYS produced some of the best performance wheels in the world and you could view the Gram Lights 57CR as their entry-level performance wheel.

The 57CR offers a traditional 5-spoke design and with concavity aimed towards the center of the wheel, the 57CR provides excellent rigidness and durability all while being lightweight.

The 57CR’s are available in a wide range of different colors such as dark blue, white, grey, black, gold and chrome.

These are excellent wheels for the 370Z if you want a timeless design as well as going to the occasional track day.

The 57CR will set you back around $450-$550 a piece.

4. Enkei RPF1

One of the most well-known and great performance wheels to have come out of Japan. The RPF1’s provide incredible stress dispersion during intense racing and braking. The Twin-spoke design is not only good-looking but also offers a strong and durable wheel, and helps cool down the wheel during aggressive driving.

The RPF1’s were manufactured in cooperation with a Formula One racing team, which might give you a hint on what purpose this wheel has.

Enkei designed this wheel with the intention to be used in Motorsport and eventually also became a very popular choice for drifting.

The RPF1 design is very universal and will fit 99% of JDM cars out there, it is a very common choice for Toyota Chasers and Cresta’s but has lately become an increasingly popular wheel for the Nissan 370Z.

The RPF1 will set you back about $400~ per wheel.

3. Aodhan DS05

The DS05 is closely related to the DS02 and shares its deep-dish design. However, the DS05 offers a more ‘traditional’ style and is not quite as aggressive looking as the DS02.

Although Aodhan is not a Japanese automaker, the DS05 shares a ‘JDM’ type of style and would be a great choice for a 370Z if you’re after more of a JDM look.

Similar to the DS02, the DS05 offers the same gold, black, grey, white, and chrome finish and weighs in at around 24 lbs.

The DS05 will set you back around $200-$300 per wheel.

2. Volk Racing TE37SL

Perhaps the most well-known wheel design in the entire world, the TE37 is a forged wheel that offers an all-in-one package.

All TE37’s come in their classic six-spoke design and are all one-piece forged. This design is not only great for rigidity and durability, it also happens to be great for holding the weight at bay. The TE37 forged wheel comes in at a mere 19 lbs.

The SL version of the TE37 was available with a unique Pressed Graphite color which just happen to be an excellent fit for the 370Z.

The TE37SL can be had from anywhere around $500-$1,000 depending on finish and size.

1. Work Meister S1R

The Meister S1R is another JDM fan favorite, the S1R offers a unique and traditional ‘JDM-style’ which totally transforms the 370Z.

Just like the TE37, the Meister S1R is a pair of lightweight performance wheels. The S1R weighs in at just 19.4 lbs. which makes them one of the lightest wheels on this list.

The S1R’s are constructed with a two-piece design which makes them very rigid, and thanks to its light weight make they a good choice for track days.

The Meister S1R’s are arguably the most unique design on this list, but isn’t that what many of us in the JDM community seek?

The S1R’s will set you back around $1,000 a piece.

E. Lindgren

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