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The Craziest Modified Toyota JDM Cars

There are many great JDM cars out there, but one brand in particular which stands out must be Toyota. Toyota has produced JDM legends such as the Toyota Supra, Toyota Chaser, Toyota AE86, and the 2000GT. But the craziness starts to occur when people decide to heavily modify these cars, here are some of the most insanely modified Toyota JDM cars.

Toyota Motorsport’s Insane Toyota Land Cruiser

Let’s start off with an odd-ball, although this vehicle is a Toyota, it is not JDM, in fact, we’re talking about a SUV, more specifically the Toyota Land Cruiser.

Typically, SUVs are not known to be heavily modified, perhaps even less so than JDM SUVs. Excluding the Subaru Forester STi, there aren’t really too many examples of crazy SUV builds, until now.

This particular model is a Toyota Land Cruiser, and at first glance, it just seems like a blacked-out lowered SUV. When you start looking closer, you’ll start to notice the larger air vents, the roll-cage, and the surprisingly large intercooler. This is not an ordinary SUV. In fact, This Toyota Land Cruiser goes even beyond crazy.

Why is that? Well, the stock 5.7L Land Cruiser V8 is fitted with not one, but two gigantic Garret Turbochargers. The result? 2,000hp and a 220mph+ top speed in a SUV the shape of a brick.

And this build was not made by some crazy lunatic with way too much money, it was manufactured by Toyota’s own motorsport team, with the intention to display it at SEMA 2016 (which they did).

Top Secret’s V12 Toyota Supra

The man in charge, Kazuhiko Nagata is a man of action one could say. He is very famous within the JDM community for his extreme JDM builds. Kazuhiko was more or less convinced that Toyota would make their next Supra with a V12, but Kazuhiko is not a patient man, so what did he do? He made it himself.

The result is really impressive, he basically started with a stock Supra, removed anything which could be removed, and started building the car up from scratch. New body panels, a widebody kit, a completely remade front end, new aerodynamics, wheels, brakes, you name it. But to top it off, Kazuhiko removed the 2JZ engine and put in a Toyota Century V12 and twin-turbocharged it.

The result of adding a set of HKS GT2540 turbos to a 5.0L V12 is about 1,000hp. The goal with the 1,000hp engine was to achieve a 248mph (400 km/h) top speed. And although it never achieved those numbers it still put up a respectable 222mph (358 km/h) in Italy at the Nardo Ring test track.

The design and color choices are a little too much for some, but no one can deny the incredible work and craftsmanship which has gone into this build.

Ferrari-Swapped Toyota GT86

The Toyota GT86 has a lot of things, it’s good-looking, got great handling, is relatively cheap to purchase and maintain, but it lacks in one area – the engine department. The first-generation GT86 only produces about 200hp which is less than most grocery shoppers today. Unless you’re Huddy MotorSports of course, and swap in a Ferrari 458 V8 engine.

Known as the GT4586 (get it?) this particular specimen was entirely built to become a complete drift monster and is being driven by drift-champion Ryan Tuerck.

Because the GT86 wasn’t built to have a large V8, Huddy MotorSports had to hack apart and re-fabricate most of the engine department in order to fit the large Ferrari V8. This V8 has a 4.5L displacement and pushes out 562hp at 9,000 RPM in stock form.

And if the screaming side exits exhausts (fitted in front of the front wheels) wasn’t enough to let you know this car is fitted with a Ferrari V8, then what will tell you is the hood, well, lack of a hood. This car doesn’t have one. One reason could be because the engine is so large it would require a really large one, but who are we kidding, we all know the reason why there is no hood. Take a listen to this masterpiece!

Quad-Turbo V12 Toyota GT86

So, you know how I told you about the Top Secret’s Twin Turbo V12 Toyota Supra? Well, this GT86 has the same 5.0L V12 engine from the Toyota Century, but instead of two turbos, it has four.

Although this GT86 has twice the turbos, it does not have twice the power of the V12 Toyota Supra. In fact, it even has less power at around 800hp.

And just like the V12 Supra this GT86 has some extensive exterior modifications such as custom front and rear bumpers. It has a very unique wide-body kit, and the rear of the car is done really beautifully with an exposed custom exhaust and a rear-light swap that resembles the taillights of the Ferrari FF.

Unfortunately, there are no videos of this car in action as it has only been displayed at car shows in Saudi Arabia. And speculation goes around that this car might not even move despite its majestic display.

Diesel Engine Swap from a Tank – Toyota Supra MKIV

Generally, when JDM fans see a Supra they expect some 2JZ noises, and perhaps the obligatory burnout or exhausts pop. But they’ll have their mouths down by their feet once they see this monstrosity.

Most of us dream about one day owning a 2JZ Toyota Supra, not for one moment did it occur to me that some people are already so bored of it that they go to the lengths of putting a gigantic diesel engine from a tank in such a beauty.

But we’ve got to give them props, they totally nailed the looks. The black matte paint, the roof rack, widened arches, and adjustable air suspension surely makes a statement. They even added a tow hitch, because why the heck not when you’ve got an engine that is supposed to accelerate a freaking tank.

Unfortunately, there is not much information available about the specifications, but to be fair I don’t think they care about performance, as they swapped out perhaps the most performance-oriented engine in the world.

Although I would never do anything like this myself, I will have to give them some props for their efforts, it surely is a sight to be seen.

Bonus Car: Not a Toyota! – “2600HP” Daihatsu Mira

What? There is no way, right? A Kei car is supposed to be slow, cheap to run, small, and quiet – this is the complete opposite of that, and we freaking love it.

The creation of this majesty is made by an Australian bloke by the name of David Nicotra. This complete mad lad thought his 35hp Kei car needed a little extra boost, so he added a 2,600HP jet engine. And what came as a surprise on top of this, is that this car is road registered, meaning he can drive this on the road.

The owner claims a 200-mph top speed, but take it with a grain of salt since the only footage available of the car seems nothing faster than 60 mph. Perhaps 2600hp in the air does not convert to 2600hp on the ground, at least that is what it seems to be. Either way, this is one crazy little JDM car.

E. Lindgren

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