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The Greatest Nissan S13 Builds in The World

The S13 chassis has always been a great choice for building a proper JDM sports car, so we’ve compiled a list of five fantastic S13 builds from all over the globe.

The Nissan S13 is from an era where coupé hatchbacks were a thing and pop-up headlights were a sign that the car in question was something special. But as we headed into the 2000s, these features slowly disappeared from the markets. But as time heals most wounds, so has the desire for these prominent features which now is considered a classic look.

But the design was not the only thing that brought enthusiasts to the S13. It was the vast amounts of different aftermarket modifications that could be done. There are countless shops producing parts for the S13 line-up, and customizability is basically endless.

This is our list consisting of five of the greatest S13 builds ever done!

The Death Kart

If you saw this driving down the streets there is zero chance that you could have guessed this car was built on the S13 chassis, but it is.

The build, known as the ‘DeathKart’ was created by Mike Perez, and if you couldn’t already tell, was heavily inspired by the Mad Max movies.

Behind all of those excess metal bars actually lies the heart of many Japanese parts, such as the S13 chassis. But since this is a little bit of a Frankenstein build it shares parts with other Japanese brands as well.

The car actually started out as a drift car and Mike used it to learn the ropes. Obviously, when drifting it got banged up quite well as with most drift cars.

Throughout its lifetime the ‘DeathKart’ have had a wide variety of different engines. It started out with a CA18 and moved on to have: KA, SR, RB, and even an LS which you would think would be the ultimate engine for this type of car. But that’s not what’s powering this beast.

The DeathKart is powered by a 1JZ with a Precision 6262 Turbo producing a respectable 558 hp. And considering the car’s bare chassis, it is extremely light. You can be sure that the DeathKart can lay some good smoke.

Justin Derendal V8 Swapped 240SX

There is a saying that project cars really never get completed, well in the case of Justin Derendal he’s been working on his 240SX for more than a decade now so he has to be getting close.

This project was originally set out to be a drift car, and Justin did see great results but inevitably decided not to pursue a professional career. Instead, he urged for the perfect street car. Justin stitched together the ultimate parts list and went to work.

Derandal’s S13 is finished in a glorious custom paint that fits exceptionally well with the great-looking Work Meister S1 wheels. But it is also fitted with other exterior upgrades such as a Silvia front-end conversion, Koguchi front, and rear fenders along with a BN Sports Type-II aero kit. The vented hood comes from Chargespeed and is made entirely of carbon fiber. Bling Factory X Ray’s splitter and custom GT rear wing are also fitted to this S13.

But what will turn your head is not the look, but the sound. This 240SX has a 7.0L LS7 engine that has been tuned to 750 hp. This car is no slouch, and will most definitely put on a show if challenged to it.    

Chris Super Unique S13

This S13 is very special, and not for the reasons you may think.

At first glance, this S13 certainly stands out with its aggressive body kit, enormous GT-wing and crazy racing decals. And it is actually being used as a professional drift car, powered by a heavily tuned RB25. But that’s not what makes this car special.

What makes it so special is what it can become. In just a few minutes’ time, this rad-looking S13 can turn into an extremely good-looking widebody S15 Silvia. That’s right, this car is two-in-one. Can you tell if this is the same car? I doubt it.

All of the panels on this car are in fiberglass and are detachable with just a small screwdriver. So he could literally go out and make a qualifying lap in an S13, and then go in, swap the panels and make his second qualifying lap as an S15. How rad wouldn’t that be?

Definitely, one of the most unique and greatest S13 builds in the world.

Eriel Ferrera’s S13 Build

Likely one of the most tastefully modified S13’s out there, Eriel has gone through the entire car to make sure it is as good as it can be.

This S13 is fitted with a Vertex aero kit on top of having a pair of Chargespeed front and rear fenders to increase the width at the front by 20mm and rear by 50mm. The widened fenders allow for a move combative wheel fitment, such as the Meister SP1’s which provides a very aggressive-looking stance. Besides the body kit, a carbon hood, roof, and trunk spoiler are installed as a nice touch.

Powering this magnificence is an SR20DET that is fitted with a Tomei Arms M8270 turbocharger along with a Tomei Expreme exhaust manifold which provides in its current form around 400 hp to the rear wheels. The vented hood and front-mounted HPI intercooler make sure the S13 stays cool, so no risk of overheating over here.

The interior is intact, except for the seats which are replaced with a pair of Recaro bucket seats. A half roll-cage is also installed for safety and extra rigidity.

This build has it all, it’s tastefully modified and done in such a way that it’s not “over the top”. It also got some good power which allows you to have some good Togue fun!

Jimmi’s S13 From Sweden

This clean-looking S13 resides in the south of Sweden and is in the proud ownage of Jimmi Svärd.

Starting from the exterior this S13 features a Kouki Type X replica kit, custom splitter as well as a rocket-bunny rear spoiler. The rear features +50mm overfenders along with a nice set of OEM Kouki taillights. For wheels, this S13 features a pair of Work Rezax mesh that has been finished with gold-plated bolts fitted to some Nankang NS II tires.

Most of the interior except for the dashboard has been removed, and instead, a full roll-cage has been installed which was molded welded by the owner himself. For seats, Jimmy chose the Atech North FIA seats, and to go with those he went for Sparco six-point harnesses. A hydraulic handbrake has also been installed, because why not?

Unlike many other modified S13 in Europe, this one has actually kept the original CA18DET engine. Although there have been several engine modifications such as dual exhaust cams; KL Racing intercooler; KL Racing oil cooler; J-Spec ignition coils; custom 2.2” exhaust along with minor upgrades such as electrical harness rerouted to the engine bay, and the battery moved to the trunk.

Although this may not be the most ‘expensive’ build in the world, there have been a lot of man-hours put into it, and there is something cool about keeping the stock CA18DET, it is not so common anymore.

E. Lindgren

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