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Every JDM Wheel Brands to Date (2022)

Unbeknown to some, the Japanese have a lot of JDM wheel brands. This list will cover 66 different Japanese wheel brands, and those are just the ones we are aware of. There are certainly a few hidden gems if you dive deeper within the JDM wheels market.

So, this list will not cover any individual models within the brand, such as the TE37 made by Volk Racing. Rather, we’ll just list all the Japanese wheel brands available so you can get an idea of what you’ll be able to choose from. Nowadays when you visit a JDM meet you might get the expression there are like three different wheel brands, but as you’ll see there is more than what meets the eyes sometimes.


Small Japanese wheel maker, not really known outside of Japan. Manufacturers a large variety of rims through their brand “Zerobreak”.


Originally a reseller of car accessories. Eventually moved into the wheel market. They have a large variety of “Amistad brand” and focuses mostly on the luxury market.


Although a Californian company, Aodhan produces and manufactures many of its wheel designs for the JDM market. Their inventory and wheel series are supposed to target any customer’s needs.


A small and fairly unknown company. Located in Osaka, Japan this company manufactures different kinds of automotive accessories, as well as JDM wheels.


This Japanese wheel maker offers a large inventory of different designs and qualities.


Although not very well known, this company has been around ever since 1977 and are located in Sendai, Tokyo. They offer very unique wheel designs and can be worth checking out if that’s your type of thing.

CAN Associates Co LTD

This wheel company is niched down and manufactures wheels solely for the Toyota Land Cruiser. This company has been around since 1986 and is located in Yokohama.


Quite popular in Japan, D.A.D. produces everything from mufflers, aero, and wheels. They offer some very unique wheel designs.


Manufacturer of aftermarket aero parts and wheels for the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.


A well-known Japanese manufacturer of aftermarket wheels. Has different types of wheel series such as the racing series, performance series, tuning series, classic series, and more.


Located in Osaka, Japan – Fabulous produced a large variety of automotive parts and accessories. Apart from manufacturing wheels, they also produce interior and exterior parts, aero wings, and various LED lights.


A newcomer in the world of aftermarket wheels. Frontline mostly produced wheels for ATV and SxS applications. These wheels are typically considered “budget wheels” and don’t hold as high-quality standards as some of the other Japanese wheel brands on this list. On the other hand, is quite friendly to your wallet.


Located in Yokohama, Gialla is a fairly uncommon wheel brand, and although they’ve been around for almost two decades not a lot is known about them.

Hans Trading

This company produces different sorts of automotive parts such as clutches, springs, suspension, and electrical systems. They also manufacture their own wheels. These wheels have fairly basic designs and could be mistaken for OEM wheels.

Hayashi Racing

One of the oldest JDM wheel brands on this list, founded in 1969 Hayashi Racing manufactures a large variety of JDM wheels. Their design is mostly aimed toward classic or vintage style, and can’t really be mistaken for anything else than JDM.


This company has been around for more than four decades and manufactures performance wheels. The design is shaped with performance in consideration. These wheels are great for track driving or racing.


This company has quite an impressive inventory of different wheels mostly aimed at the SUV and offroad market.


A manufacturer with only perfection in their scope, this company produces the very popular ENKEI Sport Edition wheels.


Another Japanese company also produces suspension, intercoolers, mufflers, and anything in-between. Their most popular wheels are the “Tribe wheel” and are commonly fitted to offroad SUVs or trucks.

Junction Produce

Offers four different wheel models, with one of them, the Junction Produce Scara actually being manufactured by OZ-Racing.


This Japanese wheel maker offers a variety of different deep-dish wheels. A relatively common fit for “VIP” cars, such as the Lexus LS, GS series.


Having been around ever since the 1950s, Kosei offers an impressive inventory of different wheels. The design seems to be tilted toward the sports car and SUV market.


Strictly aimed to manufacture wheels for the 4WD market, and more specifically the Toyota Land Cruiser. Considering their niched market, they offer quite an astonishing inventory with a lot of different variations in design. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to purchase some new wheels for your 4WD.

Monza Japan

This company has been around for about 25 years and manufactures LEDs and various different wheel designs. This company has won several different domestic awards for its wheel design, perhaps most notably for its custom-made “heart” wheel design.


Motegi focuses mainly on producing wheels for the high-end racing enthusiasts, and less so for your average Joe. In fact, Motegi has even partnered up together with Ferrari, so it is safe to say they know a thing or two about how to make a great wheel.

Muscle Magic

This manufacturer mostly manufactures accessories and wheels for the Toyota Hiace.

M’z Speed

This company manufacturers anything that has to do with interior or exterior design. Their inventory of wheels does not only offer unique design but also offers great quality.

Napre Japan

One of the longest living wheel manufacturers, Napre Japan was founded in 1945 Osaka, Japan. Their wheel design is more focused on the luxury sedan, or SUV market.


Newing offers a lot of customization, everything from custom-made body kits to one-off wheels. Over the years, Newing has started becoming more popular in Europe. It is not too uncommon to see high-end cars such as Lamborghinis or Audi R8s rock these wheels.

Panasport Racing INC

Offers a large variety of classic designs. Promptly known for their 3-piece wheel design.


Based in Yokohama, Radiance mainly focuses on wheel design for larger vehicles such as SUVs, RVs, and trucks.


Another experienced company, founded in 1942 Raguna offers some refreshing wheel designs aimed at the 4WD market.


Perhaps the most well-known JDM wheel brand on this list, Rays offers a large collection of sub-brands. “Volk Racing” and “Gram Lights” come to mind. Rays offer the best performance and quality and are as good of a street wheel as they are for racing.


Despite being considered one of the “young-wolfs” ROJAM has quite gracefully adapted to the market and offers a variety of modern wheel designs.


If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if Japanese culture cultivated itself in the form of a wheel design, then you don’t have to wait any longer, R-Pride has got you covered with several different striking designs. Colors like pink and purple are frequently used.

Solid Racing

These guys offer a very interesting take on wheel design, although they seem to be very uncommon, even within Japan.


Likely one of the most popular wheel manufacturers in all of Japan. SSR offers basically anything you could ever need, street wheels, race wheels, tuner wheels, all with top-notch quality and for a fair price.


Another manufacturer mostly focuses on the “classic” JDM design. These vintage-styled wheels are incredibly popular in Japan, and can typically be found on older cars, such as the AE86.


The company that started the customized wheel trend, WEDS has inscribed its name in the history book of wheel manufacturing. They were also the first company to introduce the first 3-piece forged aluminum wheel.


Very common, even outside of Japan. WORK has become a multi-nation manufacturer of wheels. They offer the best quality and performance while still providing exciting and good-looking designs. WORK Meister and WORK Equip are some of their more popular designs.


YOKOHAMA does not only manufacture some of the best tires in the world, they also make some really good wheels too! These guys unbeknownst to most produce the infamous ADVAN RACING wheels.

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