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These Are Some of The Best Japanese Exhaust System Brands

Japan does not only create fantastic cars; they are also the founders of some of the greatest exhaust system brands in the world.

With the increase in sound-deadening and CO2 regulations cars have got significantly quieter in the past decade. And with the electrification transformation soon the only thing you’ll hear is road noise made by the tires.

However, there is still hope for the aspired enthusiast. A performance exhaust can completely transform the car, even if it is just noise, it is often enough to change the way you feel about a car.

Just take a bone stock MKIV Toyota Supra for instance. With the stock exhaust and engine, this car is actually quite dull and boring, and it barely makes any sound at all. But a performance exhaust and an ECU-tune later and you’ve got yourself effectively a new car.

So, we’ve conducted some of the best Japanese quality performance exhaust systems available for purchase.

We do not have any affiliation with any of these brands and don’t get compensated for it either.

8. Toda

Toda racing was founded in the 70s with the intent of acting as a maintenance company for racing engines and vehicles. Thanks to their racing experience, Toda could develop and manufacture their parts solely with the intent to be used for racing.

TODA racing is one of the most well-known engineering and manufacturing companies in the Japanese racing field and provides various parts used for racing, including their exhaust systems.

And while they mostly focus on racing parts, their exhaust systems can of course also be used for street cars.

7. Mine’s

Mine’s has niched down, becoming experts in the ECU and exhaust system field. Mines got famous in the late 80s with the Mines ECU. As well as providing engine and ECU upgrades.

Their main focus has lately turned into lightweight exterior upgrades as well as various high-end Titanium exhausts.

Their exhaust systems have been proven to provide some of the best performance one can get out of an exhaust. And perhaps best shown in their heavily tuned Mine’s R32 GT-R which has been completely rebuilt from the ground using Mine’s tuning parts, including their exhaust system.

6. Reinhard

Reinhard is a smaller Japanese manufacturer of exhaust systems.

But don’t let their size fool you. Despite not having the same large-scale manufacturing as some of the larger companies such as HKS or A’pexi, Reinhard still manages to provide high-quality and cost-effective exhaust systems.

Reinhard is fixated on the traditional Japanese working spirit of providing excellent service to their customers while maintaining the utmost quality while keeping prices reasonable.

These guys are a class act in themselves, and their exhaust systems are truly ‘JDM’, just take a look at their website and you’ll catch the drift: www.reinhard.jp

5. A’pexi

Founded by a bunch of Japan’s top engineers and mechanics, A’PEXi managed to manufacture some of the best aftermarket exhaust systems in the business.

As with many other brands on this list, A’PEXi has a real passion for racing and has been heavily involved ever since the late 90s racing in the SUPER GT series with their own vehicles.

Many of their exhaust systems are purpose-built to be fitted onto high horsepower cars such as tuned Skyline GT-Rs, or Toyota Supra’s.

4. Blitz

Blitz is another very popular Japanese tuner company that began as a circuit racing team during the 1970s, and later expanded into a performance tuning shop.

As a natural step for many tuning companies, Blitz started to manufacture their own performance exhaust systems which met their performance quotas.

Their exhaust portfolio consists of both high-end racing systems, but also street exhaust and mufflers that are manufactured with some of the highest quality.

3. Greddy

Greddy is a large Japanese tuner company that offers a large variety of different tuning parts. One of their most successful categories is their exhaust systems.

Greddy offers a large variety of different exhaust systems for different cars and brands. But their main focus is on high horsepower tuning cars and racing, although they still have a few systems suitable for street cars.

Their systems range from superlight titanium exhaust systems such as the GPP RS Titanium to a more refined system such as the GReddy Supreme SP.

Many of their exhaust systems are also available with a limited lifetime warranty program which further goes to show their excellent reliability and quality.

2. Fujitsubo

Perhaps not so well-known to Westerners, but Fujitsubo has been around for a long time. Fujitsubo was founded in 1937 and is considered one of the most respected exhaust manufacturers in Japan.

Their exhaust systems are known to improve power output all while maintaining excellent craftsmanship and durability.

Fujitsubo spends a lot of time on research and development in order to come up with the best products. And since their manufacturing facility has been ISO certified you can always expect the highest quality and thoroughly tested parts.

1. HKS

HKS is one of the largest aftermarket parts manufacturers in the world and is world-leading when it comes to tuning and tuning parts.

A part of their tuning arsenal is their high-performance HKS exhaust systems which are offered in a variety of different configurations, performance, and price levels.

Because HKS has gathered a deep understanding of the tuning industry it has allowed them to create some of the best-performing exhaust systems in the market.

Thanks to them using high-end materials and craftsmanship the HKS mufflers also provide excellent reliability.

HKS got everything from entry-level exhaust for your daily driver, to high-end racing exhaust meant to be fitted to high horsepower tuning cars.

E. Lindgren

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