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There are a lot of brands out there selling aftermarket parts. And it is especially the case when it comes to Japanese Direct Imported (JDM) vehicles and spare parts. It can be mighty confusing at times, if you’d want to purchase a top-of-the-line brake kit for your JDM car, which brand do you go to? Most likely it will not be the same brand you go to tune your car.

To make your life easy, we’ve put together a list of some of the best aftermarket brands in Japan, each categorized in what they specialize in. So that you are able to choose the brand that will provide you with the best quality and value.

There are a ton of aftermarket brands, some better than others – this list will not be able to mention them all, but the ones that are mentioned are some of the most well-known, and most experienced in the industry. These brands provide both OEM parts, as well as specially manufactured parts to increase the performance of your vehicle.

Racing Aftermarket Brands

When it comes to racing, you have to carefully choose your supplier of parts. Racing parts have to have the utmost quality and be able to keep providing that quality for a whole race. Bad tires? You will not stand a chance. Cheap out on the brakes? A few laps in, and you’ll soon regret that decision.

The last thing you’d want to happen is for some part to fail once you’re out on the racing track. That is why racing parts are developed with durability in mind. These parts have to withstand great stress and extreme temperature variations, and still, be able to provide you 100% capacity at all times. Thus, these parts tend to be pricier than others. But if you’re getting yourself into racing, you are probably already aware of this fact.

The Best Brand Specific Racings Shops

Toyota TRD is the official racing factory for Toyota. TRD stands for Toyota Racing Development and has the intent to manufacture and develop performance parts and accessories for the Toyota brand.

Honda Spoon is famous for its motorsport history. Founded in 1988, Spoon’s mission was to modify Honda vehicles, seeking higher performance for their vehicles Honda shifted towards more eco-friendly technology. Spoon’s vehicles like the S2000 and Integra Type R are often considered the leader when it comes to performance and time attacks.

Nismo is the racing division of Nissan. Looking back, they’ve had quite an attractive track record. Competing all over the world, everything from 24h Nürburgring to Formula E. The Nismo department was responsible for developing the hugely successful Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo racing version. Which was so good, that it eventually led it to become banned from motorsports.

Tuning Aftermarket Brands

Just making engine upgrades is not enough to get the performance you desire. You have to make sure the parts you purchase work well together, and that the ECU is able to communicate properly with the parts in the car. If your car was a child, these tuning companies would make sure your kid was healthy, happy, and content. Below are two of Japan’s most well-known and experienced tuners!


Has become a tuner powerhouse in Japan. Their products are the result of excellent workmanship and design. All their parts have one thing in common: performance. Their parts tend to be of the best quality, their design is on a class-leading level.


HKS could very well be one of the most, if not the most famous aftermarket brand out there. The engineer and manufacture their own performance parts. With the sole purpose of achieving high performance through durable parts.  

Exterior and Exhaust

Exterior design and loud exhausts have always been at the center of attention within the JDM community. But these parts are not only used to enhance the looks department. When it comes to racing and performance, they can be vital parts of a car. Below you’ll find two companies that really have put the hammer on the nail when it comes to exterior and exhaust upgrades.


Although many of the other brands on this list also provide exterior and exhaust modifications – Mine’s has niched down, becoming experts in this field. Mines got famous in the late 80s with the Mines ECU. As well as providing engine and ECU upgrades, their main focus has lately turned into lightweight exterior upgrades as well as various Titanium exhausts.


Founded by a bunch of Japan’s top engineers and mechanics, A’PEXi managed to manufacture some of the best aftermarket exhaust systems in the business. As with many other brands on this list, A’PEXi has a real passion for racing and has been heavily involved ever since the late 90s racing in the SUPER GT series with their own vehicles.

Suspension and Handling

Having a great setup suspension can totally transform your car. Your suspension could arguably be the most important upgrade for your car, whether you’re setting your car up for drifting, racing, or daily cruising


Cusco is your go-to manufacturer when it comes to suspension, handling, and various accessories. They have a vast variety of kits, ranging anywhere from OEM-type suspension to suspension solely used for circuit racing. Their main focus is on springs and coil-overs, but they also provide LSDs, clutch systems, various chassis upgrades as well as competition parts such as roll cages.

Aftermarket Engine Upgrades

If you really want to improve the performance of your vehicle, an engine upgrade will surely give you the edge. These aftermarket brands have been around and manufactured parts for JDM engines ever since the 70s. It is fair to say they’ve developed an understanding of what makes an engine perform at its peak, and their products are manufactured to achieve the utmost performance while lasting.


You can never go wrong with Tomei. They’ve been around for over 50 years and continue to provide improve upon their already great products. They sell everything from complete engines, to spare parts, and various kits. Their inventory is large, and whether you’re looking for OEM parts or strengthened parts to withstand your 600+BHP JDM car, they have what it takes.

Toda Racing

Toda racing was founded in the 70s with the intent of acting as a maintenance company for racing engines and vehicles. Thanks to their racing experience, Toda could develop and manufacture their parts solely with the intent to be used for racing. Therefore, they got the edge over the competition. Today TODA racing is one of the most well-known engineering and manufacturing companies in the Japanese racing field.



If you want a clutch with a long life span and that can withhold high power output, then Ogura-Racing is your go-to clutch manufacturer. Ogura-Racing might not be very well known overseas, but in Japan, they are well known for making some of the best aftermarket clutches in the market.

Brake Pads and Brake Kits

Brakes are a crucial part of any vehicle. A fast car with no good brakes is not only dangerous for yourself but to anyone within the vicinity. Whether you racing or just driving on the street, it is absolutely necessary that your brakes are up-to-par with the power and weight of your vehicle.


A company with motorsports in its focus, Endless provides high-performing brakes. All their production is made in-house, and with thorough quality controls and with safety in mind, endless are able to provide you with some of the best in the world when it comes to racing. Endless races under their own company name.


Founded already in 1929, Akebono is one of the oldest companies on this list. They provide class-leading brakes that perform better than OEM brakes. Whether you need brakes for towing or going on the race track, Akebono has everything you could possibly want out of a high-performing brake.

Wheels and Rims


Brands like VOLK Racing, 57Motorsport, or Gram Lights, are all produced and manufactured by Rays. Rays provide wheels for both street use but are also manufactured for use in motorsport. Not only do their wheels look incredible. They are also of the utmost quality and provide great performance. Volk Racing TE37s is probably one of Japan’s most famous wheels, as they are incredibly lightweight, durable, and look the part.


Just like Ray’s, Yokohama also provides a large variety of wheels, both featuring extremely lightweight materials. Some of their most well-known brands are ADVAN Racing and AVS. Compared to Ray’s. Yokohama is a little bit bolder in the design department. If you want to stand out, you can’t go wrong with Yokohama’s.

If you want to purchase directly from a Japanese aftermarket brand, you can use nengun.com – they are awesome (we have no affiliation with them).

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