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6 of The Best-Looking Subaru BRZ Wide Body Kits

Not long after the release of the first Subaru BRZ in 2012 people started realizing that the BRZ actually was a great chassis for modifications. And with communities like StanceNation and car shows such as SEMA it didn’t take long until the very first wide-body Subaru BRZ hit the seen. Unlike some other car models, it’s hard to find a car that carries a wide body kit the same way a BRZ or GT86 does, it just suits it extraordinarily well. In case you’re thinking of purchasing a wide body kit for your GT86/Subaru BRZ we’ve conducted a list of 6 awesome-looking body kits, enjoy!

P.S. Some of these pictures are of Toyota GT86s but will fit the Subaru BRZ all the same!

Greddy Rocket Bunny Aero Kit V3

The Greddy Rocket Bunny Aero Kit V (Pandem) is a great wide body kit choice for the GT86/BRZ. Unlike many other body kits which solely rely on hand-sculped clay, the Rocket Bunny kits begin every kit with a thorough vehicle laser scan. Afterward, they’re left with a 3D digital rendering from which master designer Kei Miura begins CG rendering until the result is met.

This cost can be had for $3,795.

An additional $480 is required for the ducktail spoiler and another $1,960 for the GT spoiler.

Fenderist Spec R Kit

The Spec R Kit from Fenderist is one of the cheaper options on this list with a price of $2,100.

This kit is a great choice if you’re purchasing your first wide body kit. This is a relatively simple bolt-on kit and can typically be done quite easily by the owner with the help of a few extra hands. This kit widens the GT86/BRZ by 50mm both in the front and rear.

Robot Craftsman Carbon Fiber Widebody Kit

This wide-body kit made by Robot Craftsman can be considered a premium kit with quality matching Rocket Bunny kits. These guys spent a lot of effort on the smallest details in order to create the perfect GT86/BRZ wide body kit, and I do think they’ve succeeded.

The catch is the price. The entry-level kit which includes the bonnet, front lip, and bumper, side skirts, front replacement fenders, rear pumper & diffuser starts at $4,700.

If you want the full package with the ducktail spoiler, GT spoiler, and canards you have to pay $6,720.

If you want the above, but in carbon fiber the price increases to $9,150.

But even with the price considered, this must be one of the most elegant GT86/BRZ wide body kits out there.

LB Nation GT86 Ver 2 Widebody Kit

Liberty Walk is a known name within the wide body kit industry, as they’ve manufactured some of the most recognized wide body kits in the world, especially for exotic cars such as Ferraris and Lamborghini’s. But they also make kits for the GT86/BRZ such as this one.

This kit offers an aggressive stance with its authentic fender flares and if paired with some coil overs and a pair of nice wheels you’ve got yourself a stunner!

If you want the full bumper kit be expected to pay $4,900, however, you can expect the highest quality as Liberty Walk is one of the most recognized, largest, and oldest brands in the industry.

Varis Widebody GT86/BRZ Body Kit

This kit is slim for being a widebody kit, but it makes up for it in detail. Instead of just making the kit as wide as possible and calling it a day Varis decided to make a kit that actually improved the aerodynamics substantially.

This kit is for someone who perhaps is looking to update the look of their car while still seeking out some additional performance gains in the form of increased aerodynamics. If you’re just looking to stance the car there may be better suitable options.

Prices for the Varis Widebody kit start at $8,185 up to $12,115 depending on if you want the full kit or if you rather skip out on some of the extras such as their VSDC front-racing diffuser.

Sports Line ARS GT Aero Wide Body Kit

One of the more elegant and unique-looking widebody kits on this list, the ARS GT aero kit is produced by Artisan Spirits in Japan and includes a new front and rear bumper, side skirts, as well as 50mm wider front fenders, and 80mm wider rear fenders. However, doesn’t include any spoilers.

This kit can be had for between $7,000 and $8,115 depending on material choice and a few minor extras such as a rear fog lamp.

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