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4 of The Best-Looking Toyota Chaser JZX100 Body Kits

The Toyota Chaser JZX100 has quite clearly been established as one of the most desirable JDM cars to own. But unless you’re into the ‘sleeper’ look, the stock Chaser body kit can be quite dull and boring. In order to make it stand out, you could get yourself a body kit. And to help you choose the perfect kit for you, we’ve compiled five of what we consider the best-looking Toyota Chaser body kits.

A body kit doesn’t just improve looks, it could also help benefit air-flow and aerodynamics that allows you to squeeze the last piece of performance out of your JZX100. But let’s be fair, that’s not the reason we buy them.

The real reason we buy these kits is that we want to transform the way the Chaser looks. A stock chaser is plain and ordinary-looking, it just doesn’t match its persona that well (It has a 1JZ-GTE for crying out loud!).

Unless you’re going for a ‘sleeper’ look, having a Toyota Chaser with its stock body kit is almost like wearing your pajamas to a Rammstein heavy-metal concert, it just doesn’t look the part. And the same goes for the stock body kit of the Chaser, it just doesn’t match the fire-breathing 2.5L twin-turbocharged I6 that comes with it.

Here are four of (in our opinion) best-looking Toyota Chaser JZX100 body kits available right now!

We do not have any affiliations with any of the brands mentioned below.

4. Origin Labo Racing Line Kit – JZX Toyota Chaser

Maker: Origin Labo (Japan)

Price: $1,000-$1,350

Made to order – Estimated Delivery Time 0-2 months

Likely one of the most aggressive kits on this list. The Racing Line kit produced by Origin Labo is your go-to kit if you feel like channeling your inside race driver.

Origin Labo is also a Japanese manufacturer of Aero situated in Osaka. They sell everything from Aero, wheels, suspension, and body kits. One of their most popular body kits is the Racing Like Toyota Chaser kit.

If you like a very aggressive stance or considering drifting or racing then the Racing Line kit by Origin Labo is a very good choice.

This kit comes unpainted and is made-to-order, meaning it will take you anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to receive the kit after purchase. The major benefit of this kit is that it only sets you back around $1,000 for the full kit which is a steal in comparison to the other kits on this list.

3. URAS – Aero Kit Style-L – JZX100 Toyota Chaser

Maker: URAS (Japan)

Price: $2,100-$2,400

Made to order – Estimated Delivery Time 1 month

This unique-looking kit is not one you see every day, especially not overseas. But has been steadily growing in popularity over in Japan.

URAS is a Japanese Aero manufacturer and creates parts for a wide variety of different JDM cars. Most noteworthy are their Nissan and Toyota body kits, such as the Aero Kit Style-L.

Fact remains that a lot of the body kits available for the Chaser do look very similar to one another, but the URAS Style-L kit provides a more distinct look that does differ from a lot of its competition.

The URAS Aero Style-L kit provides a robust and sporty stance that suits the Toyota Chaser JZX100 extraordinarily well. It is manufactured with utmost care and quality in mind, so you don’t have to worry about panel gaps or damage.

2. Vertex Body Kit – JZX100 Toyota Chaser

Maker: Vertex (Japan)

Price: $2,200-$2,370

Stock product – Estimated Delivery Time 2-7 days

Another immensely popular Toyota Chaser body kit, the Vertex kit provides an authentic look that draws the eyes of the crowd.

Vertex is originally a Japanese manufactured founded by D1GP driver Takahiro Ueno, but is nowadays also situated in the U.S. Vertex manufactures steering wheels along with a variety of body kits for different cars.

Out of their assortments, their Vertex Toyota Chaser kit has become some of their most successful. The Vertex kit manages to keep the ‘original’ design of the Chaser while making it sportier. If we didn’t know better, this kit might as well have come straight out of the Toyota factory on some special model.

If you’re looking to build a super-clean JZX100 the Vertex kit will surely help you achieve your goals.

1. Shadow Body Kit – JZX100 Toyota Chaser

Maker: Car Modify Wonder (Japan)

Price: $2,000-$2,350~

Made to order – Estimated Delivery Time 2-3 months

Perhaps the most well-recognized Chaser body kit there is. The Shadow JZX100 body kit is manufactured in Japan by Takashi Haruyama through his company, Car Modify Wonder.

Apart from being a D1 Grand Prix driver Takashi Haruyama also creates body kits. Over the years he has created several legendary Nissan S-chassis and Toyota JZX body kits, one of them being the ‘Shadow’ body kit.

The body kits manufactured through Car Modify Wonder all hold the highest quality and are always quality-checked before shipment.

The Shadow kit provides the Chaser with a more aggressive stance and its 15mm widened arches also allow for larger wheels to be fitted. The body kit is designed to give the Chaser the much-appreciated ‘long and sleek’ look that the Chaser is so famous for.

Undoubtedly one of the best-looking Toyota Chaser body kits on the market right now. The price is acceptable considering the high quality and craftsmanship received. You’ll certainly stand out of the crowd with this one.

E. Lindgren

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